Manna – This thing is from Me

(originally sent by Mom in February 2010 in response to my wondering how involved God is in all the circumstances or incidences in life.  She responded with the following…)

“Refuse to discount unexpected interruptions” C. Swindoll…I wrote this in my journal yesterday.  Of course God is at work!  But, what is He doing and why and how-we don’t know.  A line that was enormously important to me when I did the study on Experiencing God was:  “right now God is at work in your life…”  It is very intriguing to observe what is going on with these encounters and for what reason.  But, they do not require any action on your part now except to keep looking for and praying for restoration.

I rummaged in a box of papers-some of which were taped to my refrigerator for a very long time because I had some of the same questions and wonderings that you are experiencing.  It was extremely important for me to know that the happenings in my life were not due to chance.  Perhaps they will speak to your heart.

“This thing is from Me.  I Am the God of circumstances.  Thou camest not to thy place by accident, it is the very place God meant for thee.”

“No chance has brought this ill to me; T’was God’s own hand, so let it be.”

I’m glad you have a big window in your office so that you can see this beautiful snow-drive carefully-it is slippery.

Love always, Mom

“This road is too hard, I cried-More than my heart can bear, So rough and heavy and wide, And nobody by to care.  Then One stooped softly and touched my hand, “I know. I care. And, I understand.”

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A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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