Sacked like a Quarterback!

(Believe it or not, I was actually going to relate my true life blunder to a lovely banquet but as you’ll read it turned into something ENTIRELY different…and I don’t even like football that much!)

I received an email from my cousin recently sharing that her mother in law gave her life to Christ.  Absolutely wonderful news!  I responded immediately wanting to share in the excitement… as nothing is more important than that decision. A couple days later, at one of the many Packer parties I have had occasion to go to recently, I was sitting next to my aunt who had received that same exciting email.  I was just about to turn to her and say (during a commercial break…so as to get her undivided attention) “what wonderful news about …”, but I stopped.  As I was turning to say this I started taking inventory of who else was in the room and thought “Maybe this isn’t the appropriate time to be talking about this”  “Some of these other people might ask what we are talking about and then I’d have to explain it and it might make them uncomfortable”  “What if it makes my host uncomfortable”  ” I’ll wait for a time when we are more alone”.  Ugh…the excuses kept coming until I reasoned myself out of saying anything!  I essentially got sacked! Sacked like Aaron Rodgers!  I hesitated too long; I didn’t take the opportunity to ‘throw the ball’ and what makes me really frustrated with myself is it would have been a natural, easy conversation.  Even if I had thrown an ‘incomplete pass’ where the comment would have not gone anywhere, at least I would have thrown it and would not be sitting here lamenting my fear-based inaction.  But WHAT IF someone would have ‘caught the ball’ and ‘started running’ with it, meaning what if those in the room who have not given their lives to Christ DID ask what I was talking about.  Even if the conversation didn’t go beyond a couples words (or in football terms the receiver ‘got tackled’), it could have taken them farther spiritually than they were a moment ago.  But WHAT IF the ‘play’ didn’t end with a tackle, but the receiver kept running and running (it’s at that point when all the fans are jumping up off their couches and screaming, and jumping and waving their arms -or- in the spiritual scenario it’s actually our Heavenly Father jumping off His throne and screaming and jumping and waving His arms!) and someone in that room comes to the realization that they need Christ.  WHAT IF the ball made it over the last yard line and the receiver knelt in the end zone (like athletes do when they make a touchdown), and gave their heart and life to Christ!  Now THAT would be Leap worthy!

With pretty much all of my football terminology exhausted (which you’ll agree is not a lot) I acknowledge my failure and that as God reveals to me other opportunities, may He find me fearless and faithful.

About hisdaughter2

A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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1 Response to Sacked like a Quarterback!

  1. Mark says:

    How true Marilou. But recognizing our failures shows that the Holy Spirit is working within us. What is sad is those who knowingly fail to follow Scripture and yet show no remorse nor guilt. Unfortunately, it happens too many times within our churches. Keep up the good work.

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