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Truth: God always keeps His promises

“Pay close attention to my words – God is no mere human!  He doesn’t tell lies or change His mind.  God always keeps His promises.” Numbers 23:18b & 19

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The Maturity of Barnabas

This morning I was reading a Bible passage (Acts 15) about Barnabas standing with John Mark because Paul refused to let John Mark join them on their next missionary journey.  As I had previously learned, John Mark (known also as Mark, the author of the gospel … Continue reading

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Called to Love

I am struggling with anger today after hearing of actions of some fellow believers.  I actually was feeling sick and sad for those affected, angry at the seeming double standard and/or blindness to objectivity by these believers.  Upon hearing of those involved … Continue reading

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We are coming to the end of a room remodel.  Thankfully God provided the means to hire someone to do most of the work, but to save money we are doing the finishing work of painting the trim.  Part of … Continue reading

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