We are coming to the end of a room remodel.  Thankfully God provided the means to hire someone to do most of the work, but to save money we are doing the finishing work of painting the trim.  Part of that process is caulking all the cracks between the layers of trim, between the trim and the wall, the trim and the floor, and between the trim and the ceiling.  I’ve gotten pretty good at working the caulk gun and I have become quite skillful in ending a line of caulk without a bunch more shooting out the tip.  It’s been a messy, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process, but after all the cracks are filled and the trim is painted over, it makes for a beautiful and flawless finish.  Well worth the energy. 

What I found interesting, yet discouraging through this exercise of home improvement, is I became very aware of all the other cracks in all the other trim, in all the other rooms of my house.  I live in an old house, with a lot of woodwork….I SEE CRACKS EVERYWHERE NOW!  It’s not that I didn’t see some of these flaws before, I did;  I just ignored them.  It was something that I would just live with, accept as being good enough.  But knowing now how good the end product looks, these cracks are hideous.  Frankly, the gaps in the trim are glaring at me now and I can’t stand it!  It’s a bit overwhelming, because the task of filling all the cracks would be huge.  I’m not entirely sure they have produced enough caulk to address all the Schnaderbeck house gaps, cracks and crevasses.  Might be easier to move; but then again who would buy our house in such as state!.  I feel I would not only have to disclose our wet basement, but include verbage about ‘gaps in the moulding’. 

Putting my silly drama aside, this situation is another illustration of what I’ve found to be true with regards to addressing sin in my life.  God reveals an area of my life that needs ‘remodeling’, an area that is sinful.  He, the Carpenter, works with me to address the issues.  Sometimes it’s very messy, usually takes A LOT longer than I anticipate or expect, but when He’s done, the result is beautiful.  However…through that process God has conditioned me to better recognize other sin in my life.  Sins that before I may have not seen or didn’t pay much attention to but now are seen as a glaring problem.  From reading the Bible, I’ve come to understand that the more I learn about God and His holiness, the more apparent my wretched state becomes and a better understanding of my need for my Saviour.  (I find this idea interesting because one would hope the more closely we walk with God the LESS sin we would need to address….)  Although I can get discouraged by the amount of sin being recognized in my life and the work God will need to do in my life, I believe the more worrisome problem would be to NOT see or care about the sin in my life.  That would be a truly wretched place to be.

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A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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