What if…

…every Christian, in every church, around the world would LITERALLY take all the titles, diplomas, degrees, certificates, trophies, medals, promotions, good report cards, thank you notes, Oscars, Dove awards, AMA’s, notes of recognition, fellowships, 26.1 stickers, uniforms, badges, stripes, patches, graduation caps, honor rolls, Dean’s lists, First Chairs, Super Bowl rings, gold stars, performance reviews, club pins, family crests, documents of lineage, tiaras, letter jackets, banners, authored writings, decorated sashes, crowns, sceptres,  seals of position, memberships, platinum albums, keys to the city, grand prizes, blue ribbons, championships, circle of roses, broken finish lines, Years of Recognition gifts, engraved plaques, name plates,  and silver platters…and lay them at the foot of a cross.  That whatever church we enter around the world we would see piles of accolades being surrendered to the One who actually deserves the recognition; the One who actually allowed us and gifted us and positioned us to do whatever it is that we did to ‘earn’ our rewards.

I believe whatever crowns we receive in Heaven will end up at Jesus’ feet anyways, so why don’t we start now? I think it would be beautiful!

About hisdaughter2

A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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