The Truth of who I am

In this world I am mostly labeled by what I’ve done, whether good or bad, and for the most part that is what I’ve believed about myself.  I don’t know about you, but for me it’s easier to believe the bad stuff than the good.   According to the truth, however, I am labeled by what Jesus has done for me, which translates to who I actually am.  In carrying out the discipline of taking all thoughts captive, especially those thoughts that are bad, I’ve determined to focus instead on those thoughts about me which are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).  It is my desire to see myself as God sees me so that I will not be tempted to dwell in low places, speak in a manner not fitting of the daughter of the Almighty King, or subject my body to things that would spoil the temple of the Holy Spirit. How does one accomplish this? I could rattle off nice things about myself that I believe to be true, but my feelings are no longer good enough for me, I want truth!  And the only place where absolute and unquestionable truth resides is God’s word (the Bible), so that is exactly where I have been searching and uncovering how the Lover of my soul sees me.

When starting this exercise it felt a bit awkward, conceited and boastful to write down such things about myself.  “What would other people think about me?!  I’m not deserving of such titles or position.  I’m a fool to proclaim such things regarding myself!” But I had to be vigilant in combating Satan’s lies by acknowledging that no I wasn’t deserving of such things, but I am not the one who determined I was these things.  My Father told me this is who I am…and He doesn’t lie.

Pushing out those defeating thoughts and grasping onto the truth, this is who I am because of Christ living in me:

I am the daughter of I AM.  I am the heir of the Almighty God.  A co-heir with Jesus Christ.  I have been chosen to be God’s child!  I am rich, and my Father owns everything!    He does not want me to settle for the cast off scraps from someone else’s provisions, but instead has elevated me to eat a royal feast that was prepared just for me.

My entrance in this earthly home, no matter the method or means, was not an accident, mistake or by chance.  God formed me in the womb, much like a master artist creates a piece of precious art.  My life is purposed and planned and placed by the perfect and very particular God Most High.  Every moment is watched, and directed and/or allowed by my always-present Father, whose love is too wonderful to be measured.

My body is the house of God.  This imperfect flesh is made holy due to the Spirit of God that lives in me. I am to walk worthy of what God has called me to be…He has called me a saint.  Because of Him who is in me, I have great and mighty power, the very same power that was used to raise Jesus from death!  Power that abundantly exceeds all that my mind can ask or even think. Through Him, I can do ALL THINGS!

When God created me, He made me in His image.  I have my Father’s resemblance.  He gave me qualities, characteristics, traits of Himself.  He formed me,  using life’s circumstances, to be determined, sincere, discontent with the status quo, understanding, merciful, and realistic.  He purposely made me to be a problem-solver, a decision-maker, giver of the benefit of a doubt, beautifier of my surroundings, noticer of the overlooked, and rallier of the chaotic and indecisive.

I am beautiful to my Father and He delights in me.  No mere human is worthy of my attention and my eyes are to be stayed on Him.  I am loved more fully than I can possibly comprehend.  The world is not my home for I have a dwelling infinitely more lovely than any property that I could imagine with my earthly mind (and I can imagine A LOT!)

To God, I am delightful, beloved, precious, worthy and all His.  I proclaim all of this in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen!

now…it’s your turn.  If Christ is the Lord of your life, you can proclaim all of this for yourself.  Interestingly you don’t have to believe it for it to be true, because truth is not dependant on you.  It’s beyond your feelings and belief.  Accept it and ask God to help you believe it.  Also… ask Him to reveal to you those gifts, qualities and traits of Himself that He gave specifically to you.  I know you have them and you have them abundantly!  I would love to read your proclamation if you care to share.  ~ Marilou

About hisdaughter2

A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simply Beautiful!

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