No Plan B

Tucked in a sermon about holding grudges or not forgiving someone, our associate pastor, Brian Dainsberg stated that there is no such thing as a Plan B from God’s perspective.  He referenced Genesis 50:15-20 when Joseph said to his brothers that sold him into slavery “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”   Our pastor went on to say that if someone has done something to you that has hurt you and/or seemingly changed the course of your life, that God knew all about it before hand and factored it into His best plan for your life.  Nothing anyone can do or say to you will change the direction of your life, God used what man will choose as a vehicle to get us to the next step in the Master plan.

I’ve both hurt and been hurt.  In those instances where I’ve wronged others, I am at the mercy of God and those I’ve hurt, and take comfort in the fact that God’s very best for them has not been altered by my foolishness.  For those times when others have hurt me and appears to have affected my life in a way that I don’t think is fair, or right, or beneficial, I need to remember that they did not change the course of my life.  This bend in the road was foreseen and it IS right and it IS beneficial. The only thing that has changed is the direction I wanted my life to go.  With this in mind, and the purpose of yesterday’s message is, I need to let offenses go.

I take great comfort knowing that in either case, whether due to my sinfulness or someone else’s offense, God did not have to quick draw up an alternative plan that is almost as good as His original plan.  

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  1. nopew says:

    Because you visited my blog I now know you are out there. This post grabbed me because I accept that God “changes His mind” (like in Jonah). In Bible College my Professor of Missions said his years in India resulted from the real choice of God for the job saying “No”. So is one wrong and the other right, or do we have a paradox. God never has to change plans, except when it is necessary! My faith easily accepts that both can be true. My minstry in a First Nation community was stopped by human intervention. People there still call me for help, and when I see any of them they cannot imagine I am no longer serving, because I believe God’s call never ceased, but my effective ministry did. But did God allow that (or orchestrate that) to bring me to a different vocation as a security guard? It doesn’t matter, spiritually because I am at peace with God and having fun doing something that would have been totally against my character six years ago when all this happened. What I am saying is, I appreciate the blog because it stirred my soul to ponder the old anew.

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