Unopened Gifts


I don’t know why, but today’s school shooting has impacted me much more than other ones.  I was compelled to pray throughout the day for all involved, my mind was not on my work, and tears came more easily than normal as I could only imagine what the parents of these precious little ones were going through…waiting in fear of hearing the worst, the agony of hearing the worst, shock, physical sickness, anger, disbelief, etc.

For some reason, of all things I could have been thinking, I was picturing these poor parents having to go home after their horrendous day and come into the room where their Christmas tree resides; the same tree that would have soon been surrounded by already purchased-if not already wrapped presents for their children who will now never get the opportunity of opening and enjoying them.  For some reason that scenario just tore at my heart, not because Christmas gifts are so important, but because it was a missed opportunity to love someone so very special.  A gift that was wanted, wished for, decided on, bought, wrapped, but left ungiven, unopened when just a day before it could have been given and unwrapped and squealed over and enjoyed. Oh the difference one day makes!

With that in mind tonight,  I made an executive decision.  Along with wrapping ourselves around our children tonight, spending time with them by driving around looking at lights and watching a Christmas movie together, we decided to give our children some of their presents early to unwrap and enjoy now.   We did this not because we are fearful that they might not see Christmas Day as these other children, or because the gifts are that great, but we gave the gifts to them simply because we could. We were able to fill our arms with our children tonight.  They are here…with us…breathing…safe.

“Thank you Father for giving us another day with Abel and Anna. I know that You always watch over them, but if it be Your will, please keep them safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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