Father’s Love of Newborn-agains

In the place where I sit at church I regularly have babies and their parents in front of me. I chuckle at how such a little thing like a new-born commands the careful attention, many times, of two adults AND all the equipment and supplies one may need during 1 hour of church; which then makes me believe these babies are the parent’s first. My husband and I were the same way with our first baby.

It’s heartwarming to watch how these parents just LOVE on their babies. It would appear that some of these individuals waited, maybe beyond the time they had hoped, to start having children and the adoration they have for their child seems that much more intense. These babies don’t spend much time in their car seats! They are cuddled, nuzzled, kissed and rocked, and unbashfully held up in the air to be admired by the parents (and everyone behind them) or are held up to induce a little smile. The parents attend to every peep, and sqwack, and come and go from their seats as different needs arise. It is quite a display of affection and attention.

As I was listening to this week’s sermon about being born again (yes, I do actually listen despite all this activity), I imagined God relating to His children in a similar way as these earthly parents, but instead of a baby being born into this world, it’s when people decide to become born again. Oh the excitement that God has with each new life and not just Him, but all of Heaven rejoices!! God’s love and care gets poured out on each one, as if they were His only. His attention is stayed on each precious life. He adores them, holds them, comforts them, takes care of their needs. And how much more might He relish those souls for which He has waited longer for to become part of His family. His grasp on them may be just a little tighter since He had to wait and watch as His precious to-be child struggled to give up their will, and all the heartache they most certainly endured in the meantime. Oh but the joy released when they finally were born…again!

The longer I am a parent, the more I learn about God. Truly, this world and the events in it help us better understand our Heavenly Father and the love He has for us.

“Thank you precious Father, for these wonderful real life and in color examples of Your love for us. Amen”

About hisdaughter2

A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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