Who plays you on Downton Abbey?

downton title shot

Yes, one of my new favorite shows is Downton Abbey on PBS. It’s right up there with Duck Dynasty!! It has a cast of characters so large and diverse in personalities that I would not be surprised to hear you felt yourself relating to one or two of them.  Maybe, like me there is one that you especially appreciate, or one or two that you CANNOT stand!

I found myself relating to Lady Edith.  Middle child, compliant, feeling overlooked, industrious and not afraid to try something.  Unfortunately… she is ever making bad choices in pursuit of happiness and it makes me cringe.

Who do you relate to on Downton Abbey?  Do you have the quick wit of Old Lady Grantham, the seemingly vast optimism of Isobel Crawley, the severe loyalty of Matthew, or do you and Mr Molesley share the fate of always getting the short end of the stick?

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2 Responses to Who plays you on Downton Abbey?

  1. Mark Schnaderbeck says:

    I would say I am most like Mr. Bates. Quiet but strong in convictions. Not royal (except in Christ) but happy in his station in life. Has made past mistakes but makes appropriate changes for the future. Not to mention has a wonderful wife! ~ Mark

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