Book Report: Wounded by God’s People, by Anne Graham Lotz

I just finished reading Wounded by God’s People written by Anne Graham Lotz.

Initially I was drawn to the title because I’ve been working on getting past some old wounds and I found a sense of comfort thinking someone in the position of influence and spiritual maturity as Anne was compelled to write about it, and at the very least, acknowledge its occurrence in the church, where we expect everyone to act perfectly.  Also upon seeing this book, immediately brought to mind the several people from throughout my life who have shared with me how the church, or rather those in the church hurt them and maybe a book like this would speak to them, as I’m sad to say several of them have written off church, Christians, and ultimately, God.

Anne speaks on the story of Hagar, the maidservant of Sarah (the wife of Abraham), and reveals how God, despite the coarse, if not sinful actions of godly people, God did not abandon her and her son.  In fact, God had a plan for her from the beginning! As I’ve relayed before, there are no plan B’s.

Along with the study on the story of Hagar, this book relays experiences that occurred in Anne’s life as well as the lives of those she is connected with; all who were hurt by those in the church, sometimes by whole congregations. I want to be quick to say, however she in no way made this book out to be a gripe session about Christians or the church; the book focuses on healing.  I found Anne’s transparency, gentleness, compassion, and reliance on the word of God to be a warming balm on my scabbed-over pain which came to the surface several times while I was reading.  Within this 230 page book, I read about where God is when we are wounded, how it feels to be wounded, wounding others, forgiveness, God’s promises and moving forward.

I’m glad I finally took this book home (as I debated getting it during three separate trips to the bookstore).  It was a timely, God-prompting read.  I’ll need to read it again, I’m sure.

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