God is with you… in the dark places

Three different times I begged God to make me well again. Each time he said, “No. But I am with you; that is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” Now I am glad to boast about how weak I am; I am glad to be a living demonstration of Christ’s power, instead of showing off my own power and abilities.  Since I know it is all for Christ’s good, I am quite happy about “the thorn,” and about insults and hardships, persecutions and difficulties; for when I am weak, then I am strong—the less I have, the more I depend on him.      2 Corinthians 12:8-10 [TLB]

I’ve been in dark places emotionally and spiritually, even physically where I also have BEGGED God to deliver me; make me better because I felt existing in my current state for the next 5 minutes, let alone another day/week/month was going to crush me. Because I have been there in those desperate places, I can now look into the eyes of another and proclaim that God’s promises are true!  He will sustain and He will not leave.  I cannot say my experience was easy, or quick, or without pain, but He allowed it because He loved me and He had purpose in the pain.

And if I’m found to be in a dark place again and not as strong and confident as I may sound right now, I ask that someone please lovingly look in my eyes and remind me again of God’s words, as I tend to forget.

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A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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2 Responses to God is with you… in the dark places

  1. hisdaughter2 says:

    “You are wounded that in the binding up of your wounds by the great Physician, you may learn how to render first aid to the wounded everywhere…do you wonder why you have passed through some special sorrow? Wait till the years are passed and you will find many others afflicted as you are/were.” Selected

    sent by Mom in response to God is with you…in the dark places

  2. hisdaughter2 says:

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