Book Report: Undaunted, by Josh McDowell with Cristobal Krusen

Yesterday I finished reading Josh McDowell’s autobiography.  It is another beautiful picture of God’s handiwork.  God masterfully grabbed hold of the loose and seemingly unusable threads of this man’s life that had been stained with the trauma, shame and bitterness arising from physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism, poverty, family dysfunction and more, and wove them into the beautiful tapestry that has become Josh’s life.

Although Josh McDowell is now in fulltime ministry, having reached out to millions of young people around the world since he started with Campus Crusade in 1961, in college he was a self-proclaimed agnostic studying to become a lawyer.  During his first year, Josh enthusiastically took on a challenge by a Christian student group to disprove Jesus’s resurrection.  It was a challenge that took him overseas to research old documents and speak with historians, but his journey went much further than he ever imagined.

I was impressed with Josh’s willingness to share the shame-filled memories of his past, even surprised at times at his admittance of certain details of his actions.  I also appreciated the conversations he included that he had with the gents in England as these exchanges gave me insight into how one builds a case for Christ, if so desired. And as his story evolved, I give glory to God for the amazing events that came about from Josh’s willingness to forgive and the way God guided him as he sought God’s perfect plan for his life.  The spiritual thrill continues right up to through the last pages of the last chapter where I was moved to tears!

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