Lots of Blood, Lots of Work

Reading through Leviticus this time (although I must admit my desire to skim through that book  is great compared to other books),  I am impacted by the varying types of offerings/sacrifices, and more so the quantity of offerings that needed to be made in order to comply with God’s law.  My logistical mind keeps going to the horrendous amount of blood that must have seemed to overtake the priests, and altar, and ground.  Where does it all go and is that space ever cleaned and who cleans it, and did they hate their job and was turnover a big problem…but I digress.   The quantity of blood is particularly impressive when taking into account the types of sacrifices multiplied by the circumstances when sacrifices are required multiplied again by the population of the Hebrew people and finally multiplied by the hundreds of years between when the Law was given and Christ’s death and resurrection.   

Bottom line… that was a lot of blood and a lot of work for a lot of people in order to be in right standing with God.  To reflect on the magnitude of sacrifices is awesome.


…then, Jesus came. He shed His blood once

for all people,

for all times,

for all sins. 

No more sacrifices, no more blood, no more work, no more cost.   Christ became the sacrifice, He shed his blood, He did the work, He paid the price. 

“Thank you Jesus for this amazing gift.   Amen.”

About hisdaughter2

A daughter of the King only through His love and grace.
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