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A True Christmas

Our family is currently and amazingly in Peru this Christmas. We have joined a short-term missions team who is helping area churches in Lima Peru put on Christmas events for the poor children of that area. We arrived in time … Continue reading

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QUOTE (Norma McCorvey) – Jan 22

Originally posted on A DEVOTED LIFE:
“It was so hard for me to conceive that the Lord had forgiven me, especially after so many children had been killed. But He has forgiven me and restored me. And, gradually, I have…

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Father’s Love of Newborn-agains

In the place where I sit at church I regularly have babies and their parents in front of me. I chuckle at how such a little thing like a new-born commands the careful attention, many times, of two adults AND … Continue reading

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Unopened Gifts

I don’t know why, but today’s school shooting has impacted me much more than other ones.  I was compelled to pray throughout the day for all involved, my mind was not on my work, and tears came more easily than … Continue reading

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I Give Up.

My house is such a mess and it has been for months, but it just seems that is has gotten exponentially worse these last couple weeks.  We’ve been through a room remodel for about 3 months, then my husband constructed and painted … Continue reading

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(MATURE CONTENT) Mary, Mary, quite contrary…how does your garden grow?

A few years ago I went to a christian women’s conference called Intimate Issues, lead by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus, which focused on sex, from the spiritual and emotional to the physical and practical.  It is not a topic discussed candidly in church … Continue reading

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Hearty Mums

by Maxine Hoover, guest contributor I have three different colored mums planted to the left of my deck area in the back yard within my herb garden.  These poor little things – it’s a wonder they’ve made it.  The soil is … Continue reading

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God doesn’t have favorites

As with other families, I am guessing, my siblings and I have fun with one another in determining which of us was/is our parent’s favorite.  We then proceed to try to prove our point by bringing to light the things that each other has … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Funeral

I’m a reserved gal who holds high expectations, so it takes something to impact or impress me.  Imagine my surprise when I came out of a funeral last week and my first response after leaving the service was…”what a wonderful … Continue reading

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A Legacy of Inadequacies

“I’m afraid of getting fat” came the words from my 9 yr old daughter who can’t even keep her pants up due to her tall thin frame “and I don’t like this dark skin below my eyes.”  I immediately turned … Continue reading

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